Several Ways to Save

When it comes to shopping for our day to day needs, it can feel like your bank account is slowly being drained by some kind of fiscal vampire, and that’s not a good feeling. However, we’re all guilty of spending a little extra for convenience, and that adds up. By eliminating some of that excess spending, you’ll find yourself feeling a lot better about the shopping you need to do every week. Here are a few ways to trim the fat from your budget.

First and foremost, avoid processed foods. Buying processed foods is the very definition of paying for convenience. We like shortcuts in our kitchens, and we like longer shelf lives, but if you buy fresh ingredients and cook your own meals, you’ll save a ton of money. Speaking of fresh ingredients, growing your own fruits and vegetables is fairly inexpensive to start and pays for itself many times over. Raising chickens for eggs is also fairly inexpensive.

Another way to save is to avoid driving your own car. If you’re not going all that far, why not walk? A good rule of thumb is to walk instead of driving if you’re going less than a mile from home. If you need to go further, but you’re not in a hurry, try taking the bus. It typically costs just a dollar or two to ride the bus, so you’re saving a lot of money on gas and potential repairs to your car this way.

Another great way, perhaps the best way, is to keep an eye out for sales. Whether it’s in the grocery store or online shopping, retailers like Best Buy frequently have sales to drive an uptick in business, so with a little vigilance, you can take advantage of reduced prices when shopping for the things you need.